Solar Tracker 

Enjoy the sun!

Solar Tracker [AR] provides you with sun location information at any time and place. With its built in AR view you can as easy as taking a photo determine where the sun will set or rise from where you are standing. This makes Solar Tracker [AR] the perfect tool when deciding a picnic spot, camp site or barbecue setting.
When planning trips to other places, the sun up and down times indicates how many hours of sun you could expect at the destination at any given date. By selecting the time zone, times will be adjusted to local times for that location too.
It is our ambition that Sun Tracker [AR] will meet you expectations and we appreciate any feedback of functionalities or improvements you might have. Before using the app, please read the user instructions and terms of use in the app for a better user experience. And as always, don't look directly into the sun.


Click here or navigate to the instructions page via the menu. This will give you a better experience from using the app.

Norther Lights

Northern Lights


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Enjoy the sun!